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Wiggle Essential

0% APR

The value of your Bike, plus the value of any upgraded components such as wheels, groupsets, seat post etc

Bike Year: The year your bike was manufactured. If this isn't applicable, it should be the year which the bike was purchased from new.

Custom Parts: A part of your bicycle which is essential to its function and add to the value of your bicycle. If you have upgraded any components, you must increase the bikes value accordingly. This includes seat posts, saddles, handlebars etc.

Optional benefit

Wheelsets: For a small fee, you can insure extra wheelsets with us even when they are not on the Bike!

Accessories: Accessories are a removable add-on to the bike. This includes Cycle Computers, Lights, Pannier Bags, Child Seats, Go-Pro cameras etc

Active: Extends your cover to protect you during mass participation events such as a sportive, amateur race or charity ride

Global Travel Cover: Extends your cover globally, including cover for your bike box when travelling! Please note: Public Liability is not covered in the USA, Canada or Australia.